Prestige Refinishing Shop is now Antiques By Prestige

Accepting phone orders for recycled fabrics

We have several yards of fabric available. Even some not shown online.

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This Is What My Customer's Give Me...This Is What I Give Them Back!!!

Found this rare French headboard in the storage unit. It was missing the footboard and the wicker was badly damaged.

It was tagged as belonging to Craig Smith, one of my Uncle's oldest clients.

I called him and asked if he wanted it back. He said no.

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Featured Project - Custom Berwick Furniture Set

A few years back, Kurt Holt, a local Houston business man, walked into our showroom based on a recommendation from another client.

He said "I heard you guys are the best?", which my Uncle replied "of course."

Kurt saw an Ethan Allen Berwick Chair, and said "I just bought Bobby Finger's Condo in Galveston, what can you build for me?"

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This Is What My Customer's Give Me...This Is What I Give Them Back!!!

Right before I moved to River North, I lived in Chicago's historic Ukrainian Village.

One of my neighbors had thrown out this classic French bed / night stand.

It immediately caught my eye.

When I found this in the alley next their trash, you see they attempted to strip it. They were only successful with the drawer and mostly gave up on the rest of the it.

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Prestige Refinishing Shop of Houston is now Antiques By Prestige. At Antiques By Prestige, we do everything and anything that is furniture peroid. Prestige started out as a vision of Sherman Sargent but Antiques By Prestige was Percy Herold's dream. Sherman wanted to create a showroom and a workshop that enables his customers to express their creativity without limits.

Now that my Uncle Sherman has gone to be with the Lord, I am carrying on in a limited capacity.

Whatever your furniture needs maybe, Prestige can accommodate them! We specialize in wood carving, upholstery, buying and selling of antiques, furniture repair, refinishing, gold leafing, stripping, antiquing and restoration.

This Is What My Customer's Give Me...This Is What I Give Them Back!!!

Early in 2023, one of my Uncle's elderly customers had found an old business card she had kept for the past 20 years.

She had several pieces of furniture that need to repaired and glued.

Thank God have never changed my cellphone number!

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Featured Project - Provincial Bed

Another one-of-kind Antiques By Prestige project.

These beds were popular with a lot of customer's who had beach homes in Galveston.

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Uncle Sherman's Chippendale Chair
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